DIOR PRESTIGE La Micro-Huile de Rose Advanced Serum - anti-aging face serum

€235.00 EUR


The 1st * repairing serum that concentrates the double power of Rose de Granville from stem to flower for intense repair and visible youth. Shaped after 20 years of research, the 10,000 ** micro-pearls rich in micro-nutrients of revitalizing rose are now complemented by the regenerating power of the sap of the Rose. 2 times more concentrated *** and 92% of natural origin ****, the new generation formula of La Micro-Huile de Rose Advanced Serum combines the nutritional richness of an oil with the deep penetration of a serum.

From the 1st application of the serum, the skin is plumped. Over the course of the applications, the transformation of the skin can be seen, touched and felt. The Micro-Oil of Rose Advanced Serum offers the skin a double power of resistance ***** as well as a repair capacity twice as fast ******. After just one month, the fundamental structures of youthful skin appear 3 years younger *******. As if filled from the inside, the skin appears denser, firmer, wrinkles appear visibly reduced. As if lifted, the contours of the face appear enhanced. The skin looks younger for 93% of women *********.

Dior Prestige, expert in the art of transcending time since 1999.



The result of 20 years of research, Dior science brings together for the first time its dual expertise, micro-nutrition and the fight against inflamm'aging *, in a single bottle. She is reinventing her iconic skincare.

The 22 revitalizing micro-nutrients of the flower combined with the regenerating sap of the stem work in synergy to correct the visible signs of aging.

From the first application, full of intense and deep nutrition, the skin is visibly plumped and refreshed. In just 1 week, she seems firmer.

After only 1 bottle, it has ostensibly recovered its material. As if repaired from the inside, wrinkles seem corrected, the contours of the face appear visibly enhanced. Dense, curvy, resilient, a blooming beauty that transcends time.

* Micro-damage caused by time and external aggressions.



A transformative texture unique to Dior: 10,000 * nutritious micro-pearls suspended in an over-concentrated essence of regenerating rose sap to offer the skin the richness of an oil and the deep penetration of a serum.

A 92% natural formula ** for optimal affinity and deep penetration into the heart of the skin.

A formula with 6 registered patents ***, which required more than 165 formulation tests **** and tested by more than 650 women ****.

* In a 30 ml bottle.
** Value calculated based on ISO 16128-1 and ISO 16128-2. Percentage of water included. The remaining 8% participate in the performance, sensoriality and stability of the formula.
*** Patent pending WO2018210947 / Patent pending WO2019202279 / Oleos patent granted FR2943684 / Biolie patent granted FR2951461 / Capsum patent pending WO2019002308 / Patent pending WO2020 / 126653.
**** Since 2017.