Polaroid 04214W Gunmetal A4X Polarised

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Not everyone knows that Polaroid’s founder Edwin Land was the pioneer of polarisation.  And here Polaroid sunglasses brilliantly combine the aviator’s style with the advanced technology of UltraSight lenses.

Each lens has 2 layers of shock absorption, 2 scratch resistant layers and 4 layers of UV protection.

And right at the core is the polarising layer.  In there it’s safe from the processes that can damage the lens’ glare beating power.

Comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Colour Code: A4X
Colour: Gunmetal
Lens Category: 3
Lens(mm) : 58
Bridge(mm) : 15
Arm Length(mm) : 140

Polarised Lenses

Lens Colour:


Frame Shape:


Frame Colour:


(1) Arm:

140 mm

(2) Bridge:

15 mm

(3) Lens:

58 mm

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