Polaroid Baby Toddler P0300D Polarised Lenses

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Most girls go soppy for a heart image.  And these sunglasses are the perfect canvas for this cute heart-art.  Polaroid sunglasses also make every pair with polarised lenses as standard too. Polarised lenses filter the harshest of glare - the stuff reflected from shiny surfaces (like water or window glass) so your child gets the best glare-beating protection in a cool-looking frame that they'll want to wear over and over.  Also comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.


Colour Code: 0FT
Colour: Red/White
Lens Category: 3
Lens(mm) : 40
Bridge(mm) : 12
Arm Length(mm) : 115
Polarised Lenses


Lens Colour:


Frame Shape:


Frame Colour:


(1) Arm:

115 mm

(2) Bridge:

12 mm

(3) Lens:

40 mm

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