Ray-Ban Junior RJ9538S Rubber Brown/Violet 252/2Y 50mm

€95.00 EUR

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Ray-Ban Junior RJ9538S

Perfectly purple and in an oval shape featuring a keyhole bridge with soft nose pads, these will protect and feel comfortable for as long as the sun shines. They look so stylish that they'll want to wear them even when the clouds have covered the sun. A rose gold mirror adds appeal and completes the overall look. Comes with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

Colour code: 252/2Y
Colour: Rubber Brown/Violet
Lens category: 3
Lens features: Mirrored


Lens Colour:


Frame Shape:


Frame Colour:


(1) Arm:

130 mm

(2) Bridge:

17 mm

(3) Lens:

50 mm

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